Home Made Games in 5 Minutes: Foosball Table

WP_20140825_010Today we made a foosball table in under 5 minutes.

What you need

  1. A box. Shoebox size is perfect.
  2. 2 chopsticks or kebab sticks (more if a bigger box)
  3. 4 pegs
  4. A ball or a roll of tape


  1. Cut the flaps off the box if not a shoe box
  2. Poke sticks through box
  3. Attach pegs
  4. Scrunch sticky tape into a ball


We didn’t add goals as my toddler liked just knocking the roll of tape around the box. With older, competitive kids I would cut out goals.

If you have time and feeling artsy you could paint and decorate the box.


Make sure your sticks are close enough in so the pegs don’t hit the back of the box. You also need to ensure the pegs don’t touch the base of the box.


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