Waste, Recycling, and Bin Collection Days

New to the Gold Coast or moving to a new suburb? Find out where, when and how your can clear your waste and recycling.

Bin Collection Days

Visit the Bin Finder tool on the City Council website and enter your address to find your bin collection and recycling days.

The finder also produces a printable copy of your bin collection calendar for your address for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can fill in a form to receive the generic Recycling Calendar fridge card.

Green Waste

You can now dispose of your green garden waste in a lime lid green waste bin. There is a weekly fee for the green waste bin and at this stage only available in listed suburbs. Please visit the green waste page on the city council website for more details.

Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs)

Find your closest waste and recycling centre on the Gold Coast.

Community WRCs accept only household waste (as detailed by each centre) and the recyclables, unless otherwise indicated. There are no gate fees at Community WRCs for domestic waste from Gold Coast residents. For more details on fee concessions and charges, click here.

What Can Be Recycled

The City of Gold Coast has prepared a number of fact sheets to help you understand what can and can’t go in your household recycling bin.

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