Awesome Ways to Recycle | Jars

I like to find uses for used jam and pasta sauce jars and recently looked for some new ideas. What do you think of these? My favourite is the DIY Glow Jars. Creating these crafts are more suited to older kids, but also for the enjoyment of the younger siblings in the family!

DIY Glow Jars

I found this easy to follow guide on Intimate Weddings. This craft takes about 2 minutes to do and will only cost the price of a glow stick or two from the local $2 shop. Follow the online tutorial on how to make a glow jar here.glowing-jars-3web

Snow Globes

I am a huge snow globe fan and found this great non-traditional garden snowglobe on Spooful. This one is easy to do and can be created with anything that will survive in water. Follow the instructions on how to make a snow globe here.


Owl Sweet Jar

I think this is a great one for children to create as gifts for their friends or to store snacks at home. View the instructions on how to make an owl sweet jar online.


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