Help, My Toddler Has Hidden My Phone!

Yesterday my husband lost his phone. We searched and searched for it. We could hear the buzz when we rang it but could not find it. At about 11pm we gave up and while cleaning up the toys we found it in my toddlers toy oven. We haven’t laughed that much in a long while!

I posted this to Facebook and asked the places you have found things hidden by your toddler. My personal favourite is the TV remote in the freezer!

  • Christine – Lost the car keys they were in the ignition of the toddlers toy car
  • Malvina – car keys in my toddlers handbag found after a week
  • Jasmine – Lost the baby monitor and found in the safe! Lol
  • Hollie – My son used to hide dummies in the speakers of the sound system. Lol
  • Emma – Our car only set of car keys for one of our cars were missing for close to a week!!! I found them when cleaning the stove in the grill!!
  • Mel – I found my mobile phone in the wheelie bin.. after hours of looking we gave up.. Then off to do shopping and hear the bin ringing.. Thankfully it was the day before pick up..
  • Steph – My 8 and 12 year olds lost the dvd remote a few months ago. We cannot rewind, forward or select any extra features etc.
  • Michelle – I found the car keys in the bottom of the laundry hamper after turning the whole house upside down looking for them, and the other day I found some dvds that were lost about 3 years and 2 house moves ago inside the video player which I had looked in hundreds of times before!
  • Celinda – Miss 1yr old like to move the remote control for the amp, we searched for over 2 hrs and then we thought to look in a cane basket that has fairy lights. Not only found remote jut also found my sons favorite car and 3 sets of kitchen tongs
  • Simone Jones Amiet My boy put his iPod in the toilet brush holder, to “keep it safe” as he didn’t want to drop it in the toilet like he did with daddies phone LOL!!
  • Debbie – Lost the toddler’s iPod and it was missing for 6mths. Found it in the storage under the laundry’s sink!!
  • Tegan – Tv remote in the freezer.
  • Renea – One of my sons hid my wallet in the deep freezer. Searched for a full day. Found it when I went to get some meat out for dinner.
  • Tammy – We were missing my daughters shoe for about 6mths, found it in a pencil case!
  • Jody – Found my lost wedding ring in my daughters jewellery box
  • Jodi – Ipod in the dog water bucket…it was dirty and needed a wash apparantly

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