Backyard Toys for Small Children

Spending time with the whole family in the backyard or at a park is a fun and memorable activity. If your baby isn’t old enough to play catch or jump on a trampoline, this shouldn’t stop them from having fun.

We have a few ideas for parents looking for toys to enhance their baby’s outdoor play time.

Inflatable Ball Pits

Kids love ball pits, they can play in one for hours at a time. These days, you don’t have to go to a childcare centre or enrol your child into gymnastics to have access to a ball pit. Your baby may also be too young for a large playland ball pit.

Many toy companies now make mini playland ball pits, which are suitable for ages between 1 and 5. Unlike a large ball pit, these toys are shallow and only hold 20-30 balls. The roof of the playland can also provide shade on hot days. When it’s a bit windy, your baby can hide out in the ball pit to avoid dirt blowing into their face.


There is something about bubbles that captivates children of all ages. Blowing bubbles with a baby can be very entertaining, and when the child gets older he/she can learn to do it by themselves.

The great thing about bubbles is that you’re not limited to a standard shape and size. You can even make bubbles larger than your baby! Many children find this activity very stimulating.

Puzzle Mats

If the outdoor flooring is too rough for your little one, or if the grass is filled with sharp rocks, you may want to use a puzzle mat. Babies enjoy crawling and rolling around on their springy textured surface.

Puzzle mats usually come with a theme like alphabets, animals or numbers, so your children can have fun on them and learn at the same time. The colourful puzzles and decorations can brighten your baby’s outdoor play area.

Baby Pools

A hot afternoon in the backyard isn’t complete without a baby pool. Inflatable pools are ideal for toddlers, but as they get older one made out of hard plastic is better. Some baby pools even come with a canopy for added sun protection.

Baby pools are a great stepping stone for young children who not quite ready for larger pools. With a baby pool, your little one can stay cool all afternoon while spending time outside.

Have a great time playing and making memories with your little ones, but don’t forget the sun protection!


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