Turning snack time into a game while learning to match numbers is just the way to a toddlers heart. This free printable includes four playing cards, cut out calling cards and multiple ways to play!

In the pictured example I used cereal. As numbers are called out I race my toddler to find the matching number – first to find gets the snack! This game really gets the competitive spirit going and includes lots of laughter when I get to the snack first.


Game Style 1

1. Find a snack with little pieces like saltans, grapes or cereal.

2. Place a snack on each number on one of the player cards.

3. Shuffle the caller cards.

4. Race your toddler to find the number and win the snack. I liked to win every second call so my toddlers competitive edge really came out and kept her in the game. As she got better I let her win more and more.

Game Style 2

1. Give each player a pack of cut out caller cards.

2. Call ‘GO’ and each player must place the corresponding caller card numbers to the numbers on their card.

3. First player to complete their card correctly wins.

Download your free numbers bingo PDF
This file is my intellectual property, please feel free to share with credit back to goldcoastkids.com.au

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