Disney Princess Film Festival Review and Win


There’s no better way to relive your childhood memories, than with a good old Disney Fairytale. Disney movies are classic, timeless and enjoyed by the young and old.

Over the next 5 weekends, Event cinemas are hosting the Disney Princess Film Festival. This festival is showcasing  all your favourite Princess Fairytale Movies – Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Brave, The Little Mermaid and Snow White. With a different movie being featured each weekend.

My kids and I were lucky enough today to experience the first movie being shown in the collection – ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

To celebrate the Princess movies, kids are encouraged to dress up as their favourite characters and have the chance to win some pretty cool prizes. The cinema foyer was filled with lots of beautiful little Princesses, as well as a few Prince Charmings. The Disney movies are not only appealing to the girls, but the boys as well. In celebration, the cinema foyer also had a special section set up for the kids to get their faces painted (for free!) as well as make a Princess fairy wand and some Princess colouring in activities. Some of the cinema staff members are also dressed up in Princess attire to add to the fairytale atmosphere.

The great thing about the previews is that they have been shortened to 15 minutes, so that the kids don’t get bored too quickly. We all know how anxious kids (and adults) can get waiting for the movie to start! Whilst watching the previews, we actually enjoyed seeing the shorts for the upcoming Disney Princess movies, which are being shown over the next few weeks.

It was amazing to see how well all the kids in the cinema behaved, as they were caught up in the magic of Beauty and the Beast with all the wonderful animations, catchy little songs and funny little skits in the storyline.  It is such a powerful movie about Belle who sees the inner beauty of the Beast and falls in love. And as we all know, as within all Disney Princess movies, they live happily ever after!

My kids and I absolutely enjoyed the Disney Princess Film Festival experience, and cannot wait to see some of the other Disney Princess movies over the next few weekends!

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