My daughters was invited to a friend’s birthday party and I decided to create a gift that was ready to play and loads of fun. A box full of sand and cars ticks all the boxes for a 3 year old, I am convinced anyway. I created all the constructions signs, which you can download below for free, and printed.

For older children I would provided them the basics and allow them to set up the sand box with your guidance. This set up will be great for scissors skills, fine motor (putting the signs together), creativity, and decision making.

I used cake pop sticks for the signs as the ends are rounded and I felt safer for a three year old. If you are really concerned I would use Popsicle sticks which are a little less flexible on length but far safer.

Construction Site Free Printable

I added baby oil to the sand to firm it up a bit. In hindsight I would have added more baby oil as the sand was still a little soft.

Construction Site Free Printable

To get the imagination going I added little clumps of sand to the back of the trucks.

Construction Site Free Printable

I also found a few small stones to add some fun. Make sure to create different heights as you can see in this picture it really adds fun!

Construction Site Free Printable

I used a plastic tub with a lid for easy storage and transportation to the birthday party.

I really loved this printable and will be making another for my kids. There are many options for tub play and I will be creating some more printables in this theme.

Download your construction site free printable PDF
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