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The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Can anyone recommend where to purchase kindy sheet sets for the floor beds? I have seen them at markets but cant remember who sells them? Any help would be much appreciated


  • Google kindy kippers. Julie would be more then happy to help
  • Bubbalum baby goods do them ( sorry cant tag on my phone)
  • Red berry threads are on the Gold Coast I believe. They have a lovely product and great service!
  • cot sheet sets from most linnen places, K mart has them too
  • Gingersnaps Kidz sells them
  • Lime Tree Kids
  • Pillow talk have the little kindy bed things too
  • I’m with Elizabeth on this one. After working in kindys and seeing little people struggle with all the all-in-one fancy ones, the standard cot sheet sets are so much easier for them, and much cheaper for mums
  • You can get Jam Berry stuff [ love it] direct from them. They are in Township drive Burleigh Heads
  • the ready made all in ones are very hard for littlies and carers to figure out!!!! As previously stated,cot sheet in a pillow case or library bag is the best way to go!!! Unfortunately they can go missing,so u dont wanna spend too much money on them!!?!!!
  • Target has the cot sheet sets on special for $10 this week. Thats all I have used for the last 2 years and they are a perfect fit. Even if u have some old ones, just use them! Save urself the money
  • Sassy’s Little Sisters
  • “MJC Creative Designs”
  • Little boho fb page xx
  • As a kindy teacher cot sheet set easiest for kids. Jam berry are nice but expensive.
  • Another vote for regular cot sheets – Just bought some for $10 from Target today! Sheets sometimes go missing at Kindy
  • I have been sending a $10 target cot sheet set in its pillowcase.. Used to use it in her cot.. now it goes to dayca
  • Sewing creations by dell (a facebook page if you search it) does a kindy pack with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow and bag for $35 + postage in your choice of themed fabric.
  • I also recommend Kindy Kippers.
  •  i recomend using cot sheets so much cheaper & save money
  • Daycare swags down the Gold Coast had one for 2 years and still great
  • Our kindy did a fundraiser with sheet sets, you got flat, fitted, blanket, pillow and bag. all with name labels. Maybe ask at kindy…
  • Treasured Poppets on Facebook
  • Most kindy’s will have them ..otherwise FB the same qstn to Rock-a-buy baby markets as I know a lady who goes to that does them
  • I’m in Victoria, a long day care centre manager.. I’m fascinated cause I’ve been seeing lots of these lately- do you provide your own linen and take home or provide and laundered.. We supply all of ours..
  • We just take a fitted cot sheet and a cotton bassinet blankie inside a pillow case. I made the fitted cot sheet myself.
  •  I’m a child care educator and in qld. From experience a cot sheet set, with fitted flat sheets and pillow case is the best option. For both child and educator, easy for educator to make the bed and easy for the child to learn how to make the bed and put their own sheets away. And invest in decent name labels.
  • Kindy sheets miss Danica Woolfe
  • Happy Sacks are good for parents as nothing gets lost but I’m yet to meet even a five yr old who can manage to unravel make the bed or pack it back away. Our focus is independence…
  • Kindy Komfort!!

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  1. Anne Fraser

    I’ve been making sheets for kindy beds for over ten years. They are available through my website and I also sell them through some kindies. I have over a hundred different fabrics to choose from. Beware though! Not all kindies and child care centres need the same type of sheets. The beds can be use stacker beds, stretchers, padded mats or mattresses. The beds are not all the same size and the sheets are not always interchangeable. I make sheets with elastic diagonally across the corners, or a single long piece of elastic at each end, or fitted all the way around like a cot sheet but usually smaller and not as deep, or with velcro, and still other styles. You will need to ask your centre what they require. Alternatively, I am happy to ask them.


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