Community Question – Kids Party at Draculas

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Hi. Has anybody had a kids party at Draculas? I am considering this for my son’s 6th birthday but worried it may be too scary. Or if anyone else has any suggestions on places on the Gold Coast for a 6th party…


  • There is lots of swearing and sexual references, I wouldn’t suggest it at all. Unless they do kids shows?
    • I was thinking the same as you – but it seems they do a kids show on a Saturday afternoon.
  • They do drax for kids, haven’t seen it in over 6 years or so. We used to take primary school aged kids to see it in vacation care. I remember some of the little kids were frightened of it
  • We went in January for my son’s 8th birthday. A couple of the littlies (6 year olds) thought the train was a bit scary but it was fantastic. They all had a great time. I highly recommend it.
  • A friend of mine had her child’s 7th birthday there. Everyone had a wonderful time (a few of the kids got a small shock but it was short-lived an they had fun). The kids’ parties are a bit on the $$$ side.
  • I took my son when he was 9. The train freaked them out and it was VERY loud. 6 may be a bit young.
  • I had my son’s 7th party there, I highly recommend it!! Even my 4 year old went, just skipped the train for her. They cater for kids parties under “junior dracs”
  • If money is no problem maybe look at paradise resort parties or timezone etc
  • Drax for kids is awesome! My son had his 7th birthday there last year and we all enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s too scary at all but my boy loves that kind of thing. Well worth the money.
  • If you decide to have it at home, park or indoor play centre etc.. theres a great kids party shop in Burleigh. Awesome place
  • My 6 year old son who gets easily spooked loved it. He said the show was not scary at all but the train ride (optional) was pretty scary. Another friend had a party at Robina bowling that was awesome.
  • Great kids show, fantastic with the kids …but some youngsters will be scared.


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