Community Question – Help teaching 5 year old to ride a bicycle

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Hi, We have just moved to Coomera and I am looking for a music, dance, rhythm type class for my 19 month old daughter? Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks


  • Find a gentle grassy hill and run beside her holding on to keep her stable and gradually lessen the support until she’s on her own. Even trying to coast down the hill without pedalling will help with getting the sense of balance. It’s great exercise lol
  • Check out the R U Commuting Facebook page for lessons.
  • We taught our son by taking the pedals off and using his bike like a balance bike. He learnt to balance and control it, steering etc without having to concentrate on pedalling. Once he could do that we put the pedals back on and off he went. a couple of times holding him, then running next to him and he was great. Our friend did the same with their 6 year old, lowered the seat to its lowest to build confidence and again it worked. Good luck hope this helps!!
  • Find a grass hill push down and tell them to peddle fast. I also used to run along with just one ginger on their back. Gives them confidence without doing anything. Doesn’t take long to get it.
  • Try her on a balance bike if she’s having a lot of trouble
  • I just taught my seven year old. I told him to peddle real fast. I pushed him forward by pushing on the seat. i decided to go to the park and do it on the grass. He fell over but i put him straight back on. He still cant take off on his own yet but we will get their. Good luck.

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