Faerie Park, Merrimac


There is something for both girls and boys at this magical playground and park.  If you are after something to do away from the beach, then this sizable play area that is tucked away in a little side street in a quiet neighourhood, is certainly a place to visit with your children.

Little girls will love the brightly coloured toadstools where they can sit in a circle with their friends and make up stories of fictional characters…maybe of fairies dancing on tip toes around where they are sitting….

There is a wishing well to drop imaginary coins, in the hope that wishes made, come true.

But watch out for the troll under the bridge or the goblin in his cave!!!

Boys will have fun trying to cross over the troll’s bridge.  Run over it as fast as you can!!!!  And watch out for the monsters in the waters below!  The bridge is set low to the ground with concrete animals on either side but their imagination will run wild.

Be quiet as you tip toe past the Goblin’s Cave!!!  See if you can run in and out before he catches you!!!  The tunnel is about 5 metres long which is bright and has nothing in it but your child’s imagination.

There is a small concrete path through part of the park where the kids can ride their bikes.  It will take them through the goblin’s tunnel and over the troll’s bridge.  There are painted pictures on part of the track to brighten up the path and add to the mystical and enchanted feel of the area.

There is also a playground here which is covered by shade sails to keep the kids cool and protected from the sun.  The play equipment includes a slide, fireman’s pole, steering wheel, climbing rope, rocker seesaw and lookout.  In a separate area there are two swings and a rope climbing structure.  Both play areas have bark as the base so it would be advisable for children to wear shoes.

There is bench seating throughout the park for the adults to watch their kids at play and also a picnic table.  There are no toilet amenities or bbq’s here.

Relax under the shade of the trees or catch a few rays from the sun on a fine day.  Bring a picnic blanket and pack a lunch to enjoy while visiting this quiet park in suburbia.

This park was created to invoke imagination in your child through play and interaction with the equipment or other children.  All ages of children can find something here to keep them occupied for hours.

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  1. Melanie Parkinson

    Loved the Faerie Park – but no Toilet Facilities. Saw kids having to go in the gardens.
    Other than that it really was fun. Our kids are 3, 5 and 7 and they loved it. They played for hours – and actually used their imaginations to make up their own games about Goblins and Trolls – and Fairies.


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