Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle, located in Mullumbimby in northern NSW, is about a 45 minute picturesque drive south from the Gold Coast. The attraction presents a delightful escape from the daily grind, very much in keeping with the spiritual ethos that the local Byron area is known for. Explore the enchanting grounds that have been converted into a serene and breathtaking setting like no other.

Crystal Castle Experiences

A one of a kind sacred getaway, the Crystal Castle is a place to “Enrich your Spirit”. There for guests to discover on the gorgeous over 10 acre property are mystical statues, incredible crystals and exquisite jewellery, along with some delicious dining options. Aura photos and readings at Crystal Castle will enrich your spiritual connection and provide an incredible insight into your personality.

Numerous special events take place at Crystal Castle regularly. From DVD presentations instructing on meditation to Navajo storytelling to child-oriented explorations of colour, nature and sound, there is always something on offer to hold the attention of every visitor, regardless of age.

Crystal Castle for Gold Coast Kids

The Crystal Castle’s Kids Quest provides hours of entertainment and education, complete with fairies, dragons and magical crystals. Exploration is encouraged within the Fireheart Crystal Dragon playground, which is situated below the Lotus Café so that parents can easily keep an eye on their Gold Coast Kids whilst relaxing with a drink or snack. The delightful ‘treasure room’ offers enchantments for children of all ages, with knick-knacks and gifts of mystical wonder. Here your Gold Coast Kids will be fascinated by the colourful array of fairy wings, dragons, butterflies, magic stones and much more.

Free face painting is also available at Crystal Castle on the weekends and during most school holidays

Crystal Castle Walks

The half kilometre Buddha Walk provides a unique experience set to spectacular hinterland views. Taking in the colossal crystals, gorgeous gardens, mystic statues, bamboo forest and terraced lawns, there are many shady places to sit and reflect.

The one kilometre Rainforest Walk features plentiful birdlife, water-sculpted feature rocks and rare wildlife. This zone is aimed at restoring the indigenous plants and wildlife to the area and was entirely planted by members of the community.

The Crystal Castle Labyrinth is modelled on a four quadrant, eleven-circuit design from the middle ages and features a rose quartz flower at the centre. Visitors are invited to walk the labyrinth for relaxation or to seek answers through peaceful reflection.

Crystal Castle Facilities

Crystal Castle has plenty to offer the families of Gold Coast Kids to guarantee a full day of discovery. Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities are provided, along with a special access point to the Buddha Walk for the elderly and disabled. The Lotus Café presents mouth-watering local produce sourced fresh daily. The ever-changing menu includes nutritious snacks, meals, desserts, cakes and organic coffee, along with several other organic options.

For more information about Crystal Castle, including upcoming special events, check out their website –

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