Community Questions – Ballet Classes, 3 Year Old

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Just wondering if you know of/could recommend a good child behavioral psychologist. We think our daughter has ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) and really need professional help.


  • Bodybeats-dance Gold Coast-classes does a hip hop class on a sat morning at Labrador state school on a saturday morning I think for that age. Or at abracadazzle I’m pretty sure they do dancing too
  • CADA! Have classes all over the coast. My 4 yr old goes to the Nerang one. She loves it!
    Instructors are fabulous!
  • if looking for…something funky other than Jazz or ballet I do an intro to Hip hop using cool songs for kids that tell them what to do  We also have affordable classes at the Southport Community Centre for Primary & High School Kids & Adults plus Dance Fitness for Adults in Labrador (great for mums)
  • Tahnee and The Treehouse (on facebook) has an AMAZING teacher!!! Costumes, fun and the classes are super versatile so your little ones get exposed to lots of fun and many different styles!
  • Ashmore pcyc – ashmore dance great classes wonderful teachers and not very expensive
  • my little Boy loves suzanne kruze academy of Gymnastiks and dance they are wonderful Uran addiert them on facebook just Sarah suzanne kruse
  • Flynn at Helensvale or southport.awesome
  • Sheridan’s Studio 1 at Ashmore has a baby class Thursday mornings or if you prefer ballet there is a baby ballet class Tuesday afternoons.
  • We are moving from Ingham next month to the Coast and found this place our girls are 3 look reasonable priced love the cooking class for 3 – 5 years
  • Aloe Vira what was the name of your friends dance class?
  • I heard dynamite is supposed to be very good
  • Me and a friend go to a lady called Miss Tahnee and the tree house, she is amazing and has been to some amazing places so has a great idea about her dancing.

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