5 Beach Games For The Entire Family


A day at the beach is all about fun and games with the entire family. Here are some games you can enjoy that can bring out a healthy competitive spirit in everyone. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, wear a hat and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Beach Darts

Beach darts can be played almost anywhere on the beach. You can also use any object such as a bucket, Frisbee or ball. Setting up the game is easy. All you have to do is draw a circular dartboard in the sand. Every person first stands near the makeshift dartboard and throws an object as close to the centre as possible.

Depending on where the object lands is the corresponding score. As the game progresses, the person up to throw steps further and further away from the dartboard. There are many variations to this game. It can be played in teams, different dartboard sizes and added difficulty levels such as obstacles.

Bingo Beach Treasure

Bingo beach treasure puts a spin on the classic games, bingo and treasure hunt. Each bingo block number is replaced with a common item around the beach. Items such as shells, sticks, rocks, forks and coconuts are examples of fun items to look for around the beach. For added difficulty, you can make use of hard to find items. This game can also be played in groups or teams.

Sandcastle City

When building sandcastles, getting the whole family in on the fun is the way to go. However, instead of just building one castle, why not build a city? With the extra help, building an entire compound can be done right before lunch. Kids can even play in the huge fort and customize it as their own. For even more fun, each family member can build their own makeshift sand fort and try to destroy each other’s gates with sand cannonballs.

Beach Sports

Engaging in competitive activities such as sports can strengthen the family bond. Games such as beach volleyball, soccer, Frisbee and water basketball are great to start with. These sports can even be played with families of 3 or 4 members.

The beach is a great place to fly a kite. The wind and clear skies are ideal conditions for both small and large (2 handles) kites. Making a kite at home to fly at the beach can be an exciting experience for kids, which can add anticipation before heading out.

Arts And Crafts

Although not a game, the beach is a great place to do arts and crafts. Shells, driftwood, stick and stones around the beach can all be used to make decorative items. For those who prefer to relax under the umbrella but still need something to do, arts and crafts can be very rewarding and can serve as a reminder of your fun weekend.

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