Skypoint Climb


Guest Post by local Gold Coast dad.

My name is Phill, Im a 39 year old Tradie and my son Jake is a 12 year old budding scientist. We love to get out doors and go camping, kicking a footy or just getting out on our skateboards and going for a cruise. Gold Coast Kids offered us a great opportunity through Gift It Now to do the Skypoint Climb at the Q1 on the Gold Coast.

Before going on our climb we were both very excited, I’m guessing that’s why one of us was up rather early. The closer it got to putting on the climb suits the more nervous we got. All the nerves were put aside as we got into our climb suits and harnesses. It was very comforting listening the climb supervisors take us through the pre-climb brief. They are very professional and super friendly.

As the supervisor opened the door onto the climb platform, I wondered if Jake was going to continue, but like a flash he was out the door and up the stairs. Climbing that first set of stairs is an awesome feeling, half way up I found myself wanting to stop and just soak up the amazing views. As for the views, WOW, we could see as far south as Byron Bay and North to Brisbane. Through out the climb the staff were constantly checking that we were all ok. Standing on the top platform with Jake was fantastic, what an experience to share. At the top he said ” This is one of the BEST things I’ve ever done!”

After the climb, Jake and I were on a real high for the rest of the day. I guess being 270 metres above sea level will do that.

There were ten of us doing the climb, and everyone I think was just as blown away. The climb takes about an hour to complete.  As part of the climb you also get access to the sky deck for the whole day. This is definitely an experience I would recommend to everyone. I now have to take my youngest son Zach, just to keep things fair.

If you would like to experience the Skypoint Climb at the Q1 on the Gold Coast, you can find further information and the opportunity to purchase tickets on the Gift It Now website.


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