Win 1 of 5 Zimmiz!

Mobile entertainment meets the world of toys like never before with Zimmiz®, a new app from Big Foot Toys featuring irresistible, customised aliens, who’ve crashed landed on Earth in search of friendship.

Bringing the Zimmiz® App to life is the specially-designed plush toy featuring a snug pocket to securely house your iPhone or iPad – as the children embark on a fun and interactive adventure with their new Zimmi™ pal. The soft plush “suit” also features pose-able hands and antennas, to customise the expression of the Zimmi™, and a soft handle on its back to carry Zimmi™ with.

“Children today gravitate to smart phones and tablets as much as they do to their favourite teddy bear,” said Rowan Isaacs, Marketing Director and Co-inventor of Zimmiz®. “Zimmiz® represents the best of both worlds. It brings play to vivid life – and sets the stage for meaningful and rewarding experiences that go far beyond those of traditional toys.”

Like any young friend, Zimmiz® shows a range of playful emotions and reactions to the constantly-shifting stimuli it encounters. Zimmiz® laughs when tickled, forgets to cover his mouth when he sneezes, closes his eyes when he gets tired, becomes annoyed when poked, blows bubbles with gum, sings, repeats, fogs up the screen, chokes on his food, burps and even…farts! When Zimmiz® is dropped, held upside down or given a little shake, he may laugh, get dizzy, or, worse, get sick, uh oh. The app includes more than 300 animations and random actions for endlessly unpredictable and amusing interactive fun.

Designed for Earthlings ages 4 and up, Zimmiz® is now making its planetary debut for iPhone and iPad on the App Store free of charge.

Win 1 of 5 Zimmiz

Competition is now closed.


Congratulations to the following winners of a Zimmi:

  • Emily Z
  • Jo L
  • Sharon P
  • Narah N
  • Vanessa U

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