Fairy Garden | An Exploration of Creativity by my ASD Daughter


This blog was written by a mother, Justine on an exploration of creativity with her ASD daughter, Lylaan.

On moving into our new home, my daughter Lylaan decided that our new home was a ‘fairy house’, because it was painted pink and purple. Thus began our fairy garden journey.

Lylaan selected an existing flower garden and, using fairies and toys she already had, she started creating. Lylaan worked with a plan and she believes that when we are asleep the fairies come out to play, around midnight. Everything in the garden has its own zone and is connected by pathways; some stones from the garden and some are shiny coloured pebbles. There is a party zone – a decorative bird cage, a museum – an old wooden cheese box, and a story corner – an ornamental ceramic book. The fairies also have a fairy tree – small native seedling, a pond – disposable plastic bowl set into the soil, and a fairy house – old fish bowl ornament and, because the fairies come out at midnight, Lylaan included her solar light – a butterfly.

To Lylaan’s delight, she was gifted an assortment of fairies, garden ornaments and seedlings from friends old and new and her garden grew!

Lylaan’s design introduces different roles for the parts of the garden. The pond and fairy tree are time-out zones, there is a fairy bath for fairy pampering, and there is the opportunity to learn at the museum. Or the fairies can choose to read in the reading corner, or party in the birdcage party zone…

Lylaan used her imagination and things she already had to begin an exploration of creativity. This garden is both an extension and outward expression of her life. She has hours of fun amongst her fairies and all she began with was a dream to have a fairy garden.

“I love my fairy garden. It’s so pretty” Lylaan

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  1. Karina plant

    Lylaan. This is the most beautiful fairy garden. Cate is in love with it. Keep adding to it and enjoying your own little piece of paradise. Love the Plant Family


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