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When Gold Coast Kids gave Miss O and me our next ‘adventure’, we skated out the door as quickly as possible. We stopped in at Epic Skate Rink, Tweed Heads, for Miss O to try her hand at roller skating (or blading for the cooler kids).

Now, living on the Gold / Tweed Coast we have had a LOT of recommendations to head to Epic for an afternoon of indoor activity and had not yet taken advantage of this amazing centre! So this opportunity came just at the right time for us as we had a Saturday morning to burn whilst hubby (Mr M) was at work.

After talking with the ever cool and lovely Leanne and her team at Epic Skate Rink, Miss O was booked into the Learn to Skate and Blade class ($12 per person including skate hire or you can bring your own) on Saturday morning 9.30-10.30am.

When you arrive you are greeted by a contrast of images – the arena walls adorned by graffiti mural, the skate rink (with roller hockey markings) then the figure skating athletes in full flight during a training session.

Like tenpin bowling you get to wear AWESOME new shoes (which Miss O thought were EPIC – just check out the photo) and then it is onto the rink. My hat goes off to the Mums and Dads not letting the kids have all the fun, joining their kids on the rink making it a family affair.

At 9.30 the positive, funny, light hearted, friendly and energetic coaches got the students in the middle of the rink and taught the very important skill – how to GET UP (because you are bound to bite the dust a few times) and stretch out your muscles whilst encouraging a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The BIG group (approx 40 people) is split up into three groups based on skill and experience: level 1 (newbie), level 2 (a little more advanced) and level 3 (the super stars who are doing Arabesque/Spirals). As this was our first time Miss O went into group 1, and as I took Miss a (our 7 month old along) I did not partake but I was allowed to walk on the rink beside Miss O to help her out (if you are going to do this as a parent – wear enclosed shoes. OUCH. Lol). This was a big relief for Miss O.

The coaches are joined by other Epic staff that assist in technique correcting, giving high 5’s and teaching tricks of the trade. Level 1 (the newbie) were learning two foot jumps, the SUPERMAN slide, using stoppers, double leg squats and more. Miss O was a little overwhelmed just walking without falling over, however, by the end of the hour she was skating on her own (this is open to interpretation) and was double legged squatting and using her stopper. Proud mummy moment!

The coaches make it an enjoyable experience for both the students and their parents by encouraging them to keep trying and keeping within their means! They actually encourage the kids to ‘make the floor your friend’ because you are going to get to know it pretty well! The parents had a good giggle at this line.

After the lesson is over the students are free to enjoy the morning skate session which runs from 10.30-12.30! Miss O and I had a stickybeak around and you can even host birthday parties at the skate rink. 6th birthday preparations here we come!

There are plenty of sessions running for general skating and you can find out more information by visiting the Epic session times. For those a little more advanced and adventurous Epic also hosts roller derby games, inline hockey and figure skating. More information can be found on the Epic Skate home page.

For those parents who don’t want to join in, there is some seriously comfy lounges (and chairs rink side) for you to sit, relax and watch along with a kiosk/canteen serving HOT drinks/coffee (on those cold bitter mornings) as well as food and cold drinks.

All in all, today was a relaxing, fun, memorable, inexpensive experience for both Miss O and myself that didn’t involve sitting down (well not if you don’t count the times she fell over) and something we could do together, just her and I!. Miss O wants to head back next weekend – we might just have the next roller derby champ in the making!

Thanks Gold Coast Kids and Epic Skate Rink for an EPIC time.

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