Gold Coast Glow Worms

Aside from the beaches, the Gold Coast is well known for its natural beauty of other kinds including the famous glow worm caves. There are a couple of different locations around the Gold Coast to see glow worms but in this article we are referring to the Natural Bridge at Springbrook.

The Natural Bridge is an amazing geological feature which was made from millions of years of water rushing through the roof of a cave. Better still within that amazing feature is a colony of glow worms that will delight and amaze Gold Coast Kids.

The Natural Bridge is located within Springbrook National Park which in itself is a wonderful destination to take children with opportunities to talk about flora and fauna, stretch the legs and get some fresh air. Pack a picnic and revel in the natural beauty of the place and lookouts as you take the short circuit walk to the Natural Bridge. You will understand very quickly why this Gondwana Rainforest is Heritage listed as you hear the calls of the birds and wonder at the natural world around you.

People will visit the Natural Bridge during the day, but it is after sunset that the true magic begins. You can’t use a camera with a flash because it will destroy the glow worms, so be aware of this delicate eco system you are entering. In addition to glow worms, depending on the time of year you may also see luminous fungi and fireflies.  You can take a torch for the walk but make sure you turn it off as you enter the cave.

There are glow worm tours to make it easier to appreciate what you are looking at and to better enjoy the experience.   Head to Queensland Holidays for more information about the tours.

What you need to know about the Gold Coast Glow Worms

  • Lock your car do not leave valuables in your car
  • There are public toilets
  • There is a viewing platform
  • It is free to get in
  • It can be quite cool and prone to rain so dress for contingency
  • Children are welcome

How to get to the Gold Coast Glow Worms

  • You will find The Natural Bridge on Nerang-Murwillumbah Road located about four kilometres north of the border gate. When you are on the Pacific Highway, turn off at Nerang (30 kilometres to the park) or at Mudgeeraba (42 kilometres to the park via Springbrook plateau).  Travel with care.

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