Kid’s Corner on Windows Phones

How many times has your toddler, child or even teen deleted apps, changed settings, or generally caused chaos in your phone? How many times have you said “my toddler has changed the settings on my phone’, ‘my child called my boss’, ‘my toddler deleted all my photos’, or ‘my teen deleted my apps’.

Well, we discovered that phones with Windows have this life saving ‘Kid’s Corner’ feature.

Kid’s Corner can be accessed by swiping to the right on the lock screen. Once in the Kid’s Corner you can not access the main phone without entering a password. All your photos, contacts, apps and games are now safe!

Kid's Corner on Windows Phone

Kid’s Corner app selection

Setting up Kids’s Corner

Go to settings and scroll to Kid’s Corner

Windows Phone Settings

Turn on Kid’s Corner and decide what items you would like to give access to


Go to each app or game that you would like to add to the Kid’s Corner and hold your finger on the app/game until the menu appears. Select ‘Add to Kid’s Corner’


Phones That Run Windows Operating System




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