Commnunity Question – Child Friendly Dentist

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Hoping someone can help me find a child friendly dentist around the northern end of the Gold Coast area.


  • TFI dentistry at Labrador they have a tooth dairy, my 4 yr old loves going and the dentist, Allison is so good with kids, highly recommend them
  • Yes I agree with Adam! TFI Dentistry, and see the tooth fairy! They are fantastic!
  • Ian at Breeze Dental in Helensvale is great with the kids!
  • Tfi dentist, they dress up as the tooth fairy and have cartoons on the tv in front of your kids.. I take both my girls there and I live on the southern end of the coast.
  • Australia fair denist is great!
  • Roslyn grant in beenleigh! The best dentist I ever had!! Tansey street
  • Dr Michael Chong ( I think that’s how you spell it). Fantastic paediatric dentist. He’s the one other dentists refer their kids to if any major work needs done too. He’s on Ashmore Road. 5527 6603. He’s brilliant.

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