Inspire Me by Janice Ferguson

Nurture your body to optimum health and wellbeing with Inspire Me by Janice Ferguson.

Inspire Me is a beautiful online store selling Himalayan salt products, Do Terra Essential Oils, Bamboo and gifts. All the items on the website have been carefully selected to be kind to mother nature so take the time to nurture your inner-self and get back to nature.

Not sure what a Himalayan Salt Lamp is? Check out the Inspire Me blog for great tips and use advice. Salt lamps provide relief from hay fever, asthma, allergies and sinus related illnesses. Reduce stress and depression. Increase mental alertness and concentration. Enhance the immune system. Purify the air. Eliminate odors around the home from smoking. Reduce EMF (Electro-magnetic pollution.) Aid in the healing process. Create a soothing, relaxing, calming and refreshing environment. Fissures and irregularities can naturally be present in salt crystal lamps, being made from natural salt crystals the lamps will never be identical.

Regular use of Himalayan natural salt skin care products can help control many skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema and acne. These can also help relieve viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections. These products are free from chemicals with 84 trace elements are very useful as body deodorant, perfectly balances the chemistry of the human body and skin’s pH factor. Wonderful minerals in the Himalayan salt crystals leave your skin fresh, smooth and healthy.

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