Clever Ideas for Your Next Beach Trip

A family trip to the Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Got the towels, sunscreen and hats ready? What about some of these other ideas:

1. Use a fitted sheet to create a sand-free area

Beach hacks 1

For some sand-free space, spread out a fitted sheet and anchor each corner with a bag, cooler or other reasonably heavy item.

2. Hide cash and keys in plain sight

Clean out an old sunscreen bottle with a wide opening (or make a discreet hole) and put your keys and cash inside to make your valuables a little less obvious.

3. Mesh bag helps beach toys dry quicker

Store kids toys that are likely to get wet in a mesh bag. This will allow them to dry off on the way home.

4. Baby powder helps remove sticky sand

Rub baby powder over the areas to loosen the sand and it should fall right off. (This won’t work if you’re still dripping wet)

5. Sand-free mobile phone

Place your mobile in a clear ziplock bag to keep it free from sand.

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