10 Days of Valentines | Day 9 Plastic Animal Gift Cards

I adore these plastic animals used as Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.

This is another one that’s great for the kid who likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their entire class. Not only is it an economical way to do so, but as it’s not a lolly or a food, and therefore not filling the kids full of sugar, you also won’t have to worry about allergies.

There’s a PFD file (click on the image below) you can use to print cards on which you can tie the animals, or for the tops of cellophane bags, but you could encourage your child to make up their own messages and decorate the cards with drawings or patterns.

I really like the idea of the cards for attaching the animals, because the recipients could then use it as a bookmark once the plastic animal has been removed!

Source: designmom.com
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