10 Days of Valentines | Day 2 Easy Heart Cup Cakes

This is perfect for the family who likes to bake, or who likes to eat delicious baked goodies!

Who would’ve thought how easy it is to make heart-shaped cupcakes for Valentine’s Day? You don’t need to use a special heart-shaped cupcake tin, just drop a marble behind the top of each cupcake paper liner between it and the tin. The instructions also mention that you could use balls of aluminium foil if you don’t have any marbles. If you do use marbles, however, just make sure you remember that they’ll be hot when they come out of the oven. About the only change you need to make is to fill the liners only halfway to keep it looking like a heart.

A nice idea would be to use red or pink icing to make them look even more like love hearts. You could even use little heart-shaped sprinkles on the icing if you want to go the whole way.




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