Triplet Bilbies Pop Out of the Pouch in Time for Easter | Dreamworld


This Easter holidays hop into Dreamworld for the rare chance to see not one but three rare bilby joey’s now out of mums pouch and exploring their natural enclosure.

Born to mum bilby Jessica, named after solo sailor Jessica Watson OAM, the adorable bilby triplets are all boys and will become great ambassadors for their species and the Save the Bilby Fund. Dreamworld Life Sciences General Manager, Al Mucci says the un-named joey’s play a vital role in the survival of their species.

“There are estimated to be as few as 600 bilbies remaining in the wild making the Queensland bilby one of Australia’s most endangered animals, so it is critical that we are doing everything we can to raise awareness for these marsupials.”

“In support of the Save the Bilby Fund we will raise these little ones with the hope that they can be released in the Currawinya National Park, a protected bilby area in western Queensland,” said Mr Mucci.
Dreamworld is home to the world’s largest captive bilby population and has bred and released nine bilbies into the Currawinya National Park.

Show your support for the bilby by making a donation to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, Save the Bilby Fund or by buying a Pink Lady Chocolate Bilby this Easter.

What’s on this Easter at Dreamworld

Explore all that’s new including Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness, home to Dreamworld’s Big 8 Thrill Ride, Pandamonium, the Skadoosh Bumper Cars, the Kung Fu Academy and Po, the dragon warrior.

Thrills come in all shapes, sizes, speeds and G-forces so there is something for everyone. Families will scream and laugh-‘til-they-cry on favourites ShockWave, The River Rapids and The Log Ride plus the many rides, live shows and attractions to be found in the DreamWorks Experience and Wiggles World.

White-knuckle thrill seekers will relish the gut-wrenching drops, stomach-churning spins and wind-lashing speeds of Dreamworld’s Big 8 Thrill Rides. There’s nothing like the exhilaration of The Giant Drop, The BuzzSaw or the Tower of Terror II to really make one feel alive.

Journey down to the Australian Wildlife Experience and discover more than 500 native Aussie animals and the hilarious Australian Sheep Shearing Show.

Slip on the swimmers and dash through the interconnecting gates straight into WhiteWater World for an afternoon of waterslide fun and thrills.

Serious thrill seekers can conquer slides including The Wedgie and the Green Room, while the young adventurers explore the likes of The Little Rippers, The Temple of Huey and the Pipeline Plunge. Parents with mini guests will enjoy Wiggle Bay, a safe water haven. Glide down the mini slides, get splashed by water buckets and meet The Wiggles characters for an afternoon of water-play fun.

To enjoy days of fun over the holidays and beyond grab an Unlimited World Pass from just $69.99 online.

For more information on Dreamworld and WhiteWater World phone 07 5588 1111 or visit the App Store to download the Dreamworld App for maps, ride specs and much more.

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