Vespa Park, Bundall

Unless you were a local, you probably have not noticed this little park tucked away across busy Bundall Road, but despite its small size, it’s a great playground.

Firstly, the safety factor has been taken into consideration, and the park is fully fenced.    It’s not covered by shade sails or cloth, but there are a few trees to provide protection from the sun.  An added bonus is that the playground has sand under foot over the entire area to make it comfortable for the little ones whilst they play.

The enclosure contains a slide, two swings, and a couple of spring riders – and really, who can resist that cute little green frog spring rider?  The flying fox is very popular – test out those young muscles!

For the parents, there are picnic tables located close by – some are covered by the shade the trees can offer.  Enjoy a coffee from one of the nearby cafes whilst you watch your children happily play in the secure area.

Another feature of the park is it does have adjacent sports fields, including a basketball hoop with plenty of space to work on your jump shot.

It also has a nice lawn and you can easily take a picnic or a snack to enjoy after the kids have burned up some energy.  Bring along some sausages and try out the barbecue facilities…  there is a drinking fountain available too.

Given that it’s such a handy location, it would be a fantastic place to take the kids after you’ve finished your shopping around Bundall Road district.  It is so conveniently situated that you will surely be tempted to visit on a regular basis.

Address is 59 Bundall Road.  Parking is probably easiest down a side street – like Vespa Crescent for example.  Then you can simply walk around the front and enjoy the park.

 Written by Dances with Words



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