Robina Common

It’s hard to miss this park if you’re a local to the Robina area. For the sports lovers – it houses baseball, soccer and cricket fields – it’s extremely popular in both the winter and summer months.  In addition, there are also outdoor exercise machines and a full size basketball court. This park is really all about keeping fit and exercising – regardless of age or size.  The bonus is that there are trees dotted throughout the park so you get the best of both worlds if you love the sun, but need the shade.  And of course, the trees then lead to natural games for the kids, climbing, hiding etc.

As for the kid’s playground – it’s really quite amazing. Lots of different platforms and things to climb on and try to balance…even a miniature rock wall for the adventurous kids. There are swings, monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, flying fox, rockers and a seesaw.  It’s all beautifully shaded which keeps the temperature down in the warmer months. There is a cool double slide so you can race your friends or brothers and sisters and the winner gets to sit in the front seat on the drive home!

My favourite were these ropes in the shape of cobwebs. I could imagine myself being a giant spider as I hung on to one of  the rope-webs and pretended it was my kingdom….as its all shaded, I could hide in there and look out over the cricket field and be in my own little world.

It has plenty of facilities for you to whip up a bbq lunch for the family or enjoy your own sandwiches and you will easily find a table as well. Lots of taps and drinking water to refresh yourself after all that exercise and playtime!

The clubhouse adjacent to the playground has toilet amenities for the public to use.

Author:  Brooke – Dances with Words

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