Parklake Park

There is more to this park than first meets the eye.  Other than the three state of the art play areas, there is also a cricket field, rotunda to watch from while there is a game on and adult exercise equipment.  This hidden little gem definitely has WOW! factor.

The three play areas conveniently adjoining each other, have something to suit toddlers through to older kids.  All are very well protected from the sun by shade sails on the smaller two and dense foliage from the trees covering the third playground.

The barked toddler area’s main attraction has two slides, different height step section, match the spinning wheels, rock climbing, fireman’s pole with pod steps and a rope climb.  There is also a lengthy rope and timber bridge and rocker seesaw.  To the right of this playground, you will find a timber bridge where many ducks have received a loaf or two of bread in the waters below.

The next area can be enjoyed by all.  Let your child’s imagination take over in this purpose built sand play attraction.  Dig the sand, fill your bucket, tip it out, give it a push and watch it go from the top, round and round to the bottom.   It would be best to bring your own bucket and spade to get the full advantage of this equipment.

The main area to the back of the park is AMAZING with the two storey (don’t quote) enclosed slide.  Different styles of swings for littlies and older children including one where you can sit about 6 kids on the disc like structure.  The flying fox is super- fast and runs along a rubberised mat underfoot.  There is a bridge and some stairs to get up to the main slide but also a smaller slide for those that decide not to take on the big one.  There are also lots of rockers off to the side, shaded by the trees.  This entire area has bark underfoot.

There is bench seating provided around the playgrounds including three picnic tables and two gas bbqs.  It is very well protected from the road being on a lower level and the carpark is some 200 metres away.  If the parking area is full, there is plenty of street parking available.  The children are protected from the waterway by a fence that runs the length of the playground.  Toilet amenities are also provided and the entire area is suitable for wheelchair and pram access.

You could easily spend quite a few hours at this park as your kids won’t want to leave and neither will you.  It is very popular for birthday parties and picnics so bring a rug or some chairs, pack your own lunch or bbq goods and enjoy the sunshine while your kids are having a ball.

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