Lionel Perry Park, Surfers Paradise

Another fun and exciting park for kids – or the young at heart, located very centrally in Surfers Paradise.  It’s funky and fresh, and it’s also been a host to the annual ‘A La Carte in the Park’ festival, and various other local events.  It was named after a cattle grazier who helped shape the Gold Coast.

The brightly coloured playground is certainly going to grab the children’s attention as they race across to see who gets to choose the green double slides or the red one  (after all, everyone know that red goes faster!)  There is a big orange tunnel to crawl through or hide in, chain-links and lots of apparatus to climb on and enjoy.

The see-saw will fit up to 4 little bodies.  There are also swings and 3 customised miniature rock climbing wall for them to develop their upper body strength.  And there is an amazing carousel swing for them to see how dizzy they can make each other!

The whole park has wide cement paths, which will make it easier to navigate with strollers or even a wheelchair.  The paved areas wind around past the clean and modern toilet facilities right down to the edge of the jetty on the Nerang River.  Located right outside the amenities is a drinking water station.

After all that exercise in the playground, the family must be getting hungry.  There are picnic tables available , but there is plenty of beautiful grassy areas – why not bring along the picnic blanket and relax?  Or, it’s so lovely just looking out over the water, bring your lunch down and enjoy the view.  Of course, you might bring your fishing gear along and try your luck as well.     It’s just gorgeous to watch the sun set, but make sure you bring some insect repellent along as they especially like that time of day too!

Located just slightly south of the heart of the tourist hub, you can find Lionel Perry Park at 52 Peninsular Drive, Surfers Paradise.

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