Ewan Batt Park, Surfers Paradise

What a lucky suburb Surfers Paradise is, there are so many wonderful little parks just tucked away in the streets, waiting to be found.  Ewan Batt was named in honour of the man who was primarily responsible for the planning and commencement of this unique waterway development known as “Paradise Waters” “

The kids probably won’t care about that, but what they will definitely notice is the shaded playground area.  You’ve got climbing platforms and ladders, slides, all the good stuff.   Just beside this area are two swings.  They will love the sand underfoot – they will squish the sand between their toes, throw away the sandals and pretend they’re at the beach.

It’s not ideal for family picnics as it doesn’t have any toilets or cooking facilities.  But, as playgrounds go, there is plenty of shady lawn space to stretch your legs, look out over the water, or do your daily exercises.   You could bring your dog to play as long as you remember to clean up afterwards. The water fountain is just adjacent to the playground in case you forgot to bring your water bottle.

It’s also handy that some of the lawn has paving so you can take the stroller almost up to the play area itself.  When you need a break, there are a few benches scattered throughout the park as well.  It is situated on the water, but not necessarily good for swimming as there may be boats coming and going.

Parking shouldn’t be a problem – it’s a relatively quiet street.   Ewan Batt Park is easy to find – just take Admiralty Drive in Paradise Waters, right off the Gold Coast Highway.

Written by Dances with Words

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