Codrington Park, Pacific Pines

Codrington Park is a great suburban park located within Pacific Pines.  This play area will get your child’s imagination going with lots of climbing apparatus.  Why not race your friends to the top to see who is the quickest?  There is also a flying fox, slide and rocking boat swing.  There are also timber poles at different heights.  For the bigger kids, they will be able to stand on top of these to test their balance Survivor style.

This play space has sand under foot in most areas and rubberised matting along the banks so it makes it quite comfortable under foot for those littlies that don’t like wearing their shoes.

It is also a great family park with barbecues for those late afternoon summer get togethers or in the middle of the day in winter when it’s warmest.  There are picnic tables under cover to protect you from the elements and electricity is provided if you would like to take your IPod docking station for some music to listen or dance to.  There is also bench seating dotted along the park and wheelie bins for your convenience.  There are plenty of trees to seek shade under but always remember to slip, slop, slap as added protection from the sun’s rays.

If your kids are tuckered out after some energy burning play or you need to work off that picnic lunch, take a relaxing walk along the boardwalk.

There are drinking fountains to refill your water bottles after hours of play and also taps for washing little one’s feet before getting in the car to head home for the day.

Your children will be entertained for hours in this playground with some many different play equipment to explore.  The family will enjoy spending hours together have a picnic lunch watching your children enjoy this park.

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