Best Bakery on the Gold Coast 2014, Miami Hot Bread

During the month of June we turned to the Gold Coast Kids community to find the best bakery on the Gold Coast. You nominated, voted, and Miami Hot Bread was chosen by you as the number one spot to find bakery goodness on the Gold Coast.

Interview with Miami Hot Bread

We spoke to Lisa, co-owner of Miami Hot Bread with husband Jason, to find out the secret of their success and how they were voted at Gold Coast Kids as the winner of ‘Best Bakeries on the Gold Coast’ for June.

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GCK: Families of the Gold Coast have chosen you as the best bakery. How do you feel about this?

Lisa: Absolutely excited, very overwhelmed for everybody to think that our bakery is the best on the Gold Coast. Tremendous!

GCK: What do you think sets your bakery apart, making it the best on the Gold Coast?

Lisa: The freshness. Everything is baked fresh from scratch, daily, with no preservatives, right here on the premises, so the freshness is guaranteed. And every afternoon we box up whatever hasn’t sold and the charity Have A Feed takes the food to those who need it.

GCK: Tell us a little more about what you have there.

Lisa: We do pies, pasties, sausage rolls, all sort of cake fridge slices like apple turnovers, cherry ripe slices, fresh cream donuts. We have apple tea cakes, apple custard buns, pizza rolls, cookies, banana bread, and even novelty birthday cakes. Every single one of them is made fresh by Jason every single day.

We also do a lot of wholesale to other bakeries and coffee shops on the Gold Coast.

GCK: Is there a story to how your bakery got started?

Lisa: Jason has been here for over 12 years, and Miami Hot Bread has been around for maybe around 30 years. He worked at Miami Hot Bread as an employee for 4 or 5 years and was here doing 7 days a week anyway, so we decided that we may as well buy it and run the business for ourselves.

I’d never worked in a bakery before, but I said, ‘Yeah, for sure. Let’s give it a go!’ Jason is very, very talented, and he puts in the hard yards. It’s really hard work, but he inspires me with how he works.

We sold it a couple of years ago, but the guy who took it over wasn’t a baker, and damaged the reputation. So we took it back on and built it up from scratch again, and won all our clientele back.

GCK: What is your top product?

Lisa: Salad rolls. We’re famous for our salad rolls. Chicken salad rolls, ham salad rolls; anything you can imagine on a salad roll for $5.40, and all made fresh to order. We do fresh coffee, so we have a deal where you can get a small coffee and any cake in our shop for $4.50. Hot beef gravy rolls and a can for $6. These deals are really popular.

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Congratulations again to Lisa and Jason of Miami Hot Bread for being voted the winner of ‘Best Bakeries on the Gold Coast’ at Gold Coast Kids. It’s not hard to tell why everyone loves them!

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