Cover photo: Watatsumi Temple, Japan | Photograph by Xu Xiaolin, laif/Redux
A red torii welcomes the faithful to a Shinto shrine in Otsuchi, Iwate, Japan. The town was devastated by the March 2011 tsunami; most of its fishing fleet was wiped out. The shrine, dedicated to the town’s fishermen, was rebuilt after the deadly event.

I loved my grandfather’s National Geographic collection when I was a kid. The photos amazed me and set me dreaming about travelling to places far and wide when I grew up. I haven’t been nearly as many places as I would like to, but I hope to pass on this quest to discover beauty in nature and adventure with my children.

I have a National Geographic Kids subscription on my iPad and have a quiet smile of pride every time she selects to view the magazine over watching iView or playing a game.

The National Geographic Best of 2013 collection is something I am very excited to sit and talk through with with my daughter. If you haven’t introduced your children to National Geographic, take a moment today to flick through these photos and show them some real life magic.

Please ensure to browse the photos first yourself if showing to younger children to make ensure all photos are appropriate for your child. Finally, some images require a login to view.

National Geographic Travel 365: Best of 2013

National Geographic Best Travel Photos 2013

National Geographic Best Trips 2013

National Geographic Best Spring Trips 2013

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