Gold Coast Kids Best Finds for 10-16 October

This week we have found a great selection of interesting, creative and funny images, posts and videos. We hope you love these as much as we did!

8 Recipes that transform popcorn from snack to dessert

Loved this blog including 8 ways to make popcorn a great dessert, to name a few… Red Velvet Popcorn, Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn, Hot Cocoa Popcorn. Which will you make?

Image of Popcorn Dessert from

Image source:

Taekwando Fun

If you watch this just for the gorgeous giggles at 31 seconds then it is worth it! Possibly the cutest video I have seen in a while. I hope you enjoy it too!

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Bookcase

Have a little Star Wars fan in your house? I can imagine a few kids I know falling in love with this bookcase.

Star Wars Bookcase

Image source

Amazing Maltesers Cake

I don’t think this one needs much introduction or encouragement. Weekend project?

Maltesers Cake

Image source

How to create a fairy door

Great tutorial with cute accessories to create the perfect fairy door. I love the little milk bottles for the authentic touch. How to create a fairy door.

How to create a fairy door

Image found

22 Animals in Underground map

A bit of fun for the little animal lovers in your family. The Animals were discovered by Paul Middlewick in 1988. They’re created using the tube lines, stations and junctions of the London Underground map. Paul found the original animal, the elephant, while he was staring at the tube map during his daily journey home from work. Since then, Elephant & Castle, as the elephant is called, has been joined by many others from bats to bottlenose whales.

Meet the animals.

Animals of the underground

Image source


40 Weeks and a Mirror: One Woman’s Pregnancy in 10 Beautiful Photos

We all love a great pregnancy journey album. I love the simplicity of this gallery.

Pregnancy journey

Image found


Real Celebrity Names

For a bit of fun, can you guess the real names of celebrities? I had a bit of a giggle at 18!

Can you guess the celebrities real names?

Image found


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