Vegan month – School Lunches for Vegan Kids

Feeding kids at home is pretty simple; you can just open the cupboard or fridge when they get hungry or when lunchtime comes around. But what do you feed them when out and about, or at kindy or school?

A good lunchbox is a useful tool, especially if it has plenty of room for snacks or a meal. You can put as much – or as little – as you like in them. In my experience, lunchboxes are much easier to fill than children – that’s for sure!

This year, I have been having fun with bento-style lunches. I know what you’re thinking! ‘Bento lunchboxes require so much effort’. And, just a quick Google search or glance at Pinterest will reinforce that belief. But, here’s the thing. I am lazy, and I love shortcuts when it comes to food. Lunchboxes are no different. Making food fun for my fussy 4 year old is actually quite enjoyable and easy. I promise!

Tools of the trade:

  • Mini cookie cutters – these will become your best bento friends!
  • Sandwich cutters – these are available in all shapes and sizes. We have, a teddy face. Dinosaurs, Shapes, and small Animal cutters.
  • Lunchboxes – you do not have to buy specialised lunchboxes. Regular, low-cost lunchboxes can be filled with fun food too.
  • Silicon cups, food picks and rice moulds

Lunch and snack ideas for school or kindy:

  • Cucumber shapes or slices
  • Carrot shapes or sticks
  • A simple sandwich is transformed into something special when it comes in the shape of a dinosaur
  • Fresh fruit decorated with food picks or tiny colourful forks
  • Nuts and/or dried fruit in colourful silicone cups
  • Tofu sticks or shapes

Check out this list from Dreena Burton, which includes a few nut-free snack ideas. My 4 year old daughter loves the Tamari Roasted Chickpeas. They are a staple in our household.

Looking for more inspiration? There are lots of photos of my daughter’s bento-style lunchboxes on my blog. Also, check out the Australian blog Made of Stars, and her vegan lunchbox posts.

I hope that this post inspires you to plan lunchboxes that bring smiles of delight to your kids’ faces.

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Author: Sarah from Play.Love.Vegan.

About: “A mum of two girls, wife of one, maker of delicious vegan food and fun lunchboxes. When I am not running after the girls, I am sipping on a nice cup of of tea to regain my sanity.”


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