Vegan Month – Quick Meals for a Vegan Family


It’s the dinner time rush. You have nothing planned and you haven’t even thought about dinner. The kids are hungry; you are exhausted and starving yourself.

This is me most days.

Dinner is the household task that I struggle with the most, and I don’t think I am alone. I would love to sit down to the fancy meals you see on blogs and Pinterest and have a relaxing meal with the family each night but we all know that is just not realistic or practical. Especially if you are tripping over hungry children in the kitchen as you attempt to prepare dinner.

Even if you don’t have a well thought out plan, you can feed your family a healthy meal free of animal products that doesn’t include take away and you will be filled with the energy your body requires to function and I am not talking about caffeine!

My name is Sarah and I suck at dinner (sometimes!).


Here are a few last-minute vegan family meal ideas that are popular in my home:

Twist on the traditional baked beans on toast

My 4yr old loves this meal. Why not make it a little fancy? Serve it on mashed potato and stir some greens through.

Toasted sandwiches

My little ones love, hummus, tomato and mushrooms. You could mix this up with ingredients that you have on hand and that are popular with your kids like Notzarella non-dairy cheese.

If you haven’t heard of Notzarella it is available online or from your local health food store. I get mine from Naked Health Food.

Simple stir fry

Throw in your fresh or frozen veggies with rice or noodles, add ingredients like tofu, mushrooms, and canned beans.

Simple stirfry

Simple stirfry

Roasted vegetable and hummus tarts

Roasted vegetable and hummus tarts


Being vegan doesn’t have to be complicated. You certainly don’t have to purchase vegan specialty items and mock meats though they are a nice treat and may be worth trying.

For those days that you have the time and patience to cook, I recommend getting your hands on the following recipe books:

  • Anything by Dreena Burton – I like Let Them Eat Vegan
  • Wrapped in Pastry by Leigh Drew, not only will you be supporting a Australian author, you will be able to enjoy scrumptious recipes like vegan sausage rolls, potato pie, hummus and roast vegetable tart, plus some sweet pastry treats.
  • The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester, Perfect for those days when you are motivated to prepare dinner in the morning, and want your home to smell delicious throughout the day.
  • Vegan Lunchbox by Jennifer McCann, the name pretty much speaks for itself.
  • Peas and thank you by Sarah Matheny.
  • Raw Food 4 Kids by Sarah Nolan The Raw Food Mum

These are only a sample of some of the great vegan cookbooks available. The list could go on forever, and I am sure there are other readers who can recommend some other family friendly books. Google is a fast way to find at least one or two appetising recipes that appeal to you. There are some great vegan food blogs that can provide you with an abundance of family friendly meal ideas.

If you have a favourite cookbook or blog please share it with us.

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Author: Sarah from Play.Love.Vegan.

About: “A mum of two girls, wife of one, maker of delicious vegan food and fun lunchboxes. When I am not running after the girls, I am sipping on a nice cup of of tea to regain my sanity.”

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