Community Question – Weekend Child-minding near Helensvale

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with responses from the community.


I’ve been offered a job at Helensvale but it involves a Saturday 9-5 work requirement. I have 2 children aged 7 and 9 and would appreciate some advice on child minding and costs involved to cover that shift. I’m desperate for some help.


  • Hi There. . As part of my business I offer a babysitter service. I am very experienced and have a blue card and first aid. Look forward to hearing from you. Please check out my page Helping hands for tiny tots. Or
  • Try looking into family daycare, YMCA have a Gold Coast scheme who may have carers available for weekend care
  • I know a lady that was a Nannie she used to look after my 6 year when I had to work on the weekends she is lovely and so good with kids. Inbox me if you want her number
  • Try C&K Gold Coast Famly Day Care ph: 55252307
  • I run family day care and offer weekends. Enquire around for one close to you. The rate is usually a bit higher but at least you still can get Ccr and ccb if your eligible.
  • I have an ad on the “Find a babysitter” website if you are interested, however I do live in the Tweed area
  • Even have them visit a school friend that day ask around their best friends parents
  • Dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, older cousins…
  • An aupair could be a good option for you (you can often borrow from people who have a live in one- so pay their au-pair for that extra day)
  • Do you have family or friends that could help?

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