Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Parents

A hearty breakfast is an important way to start the day, and this is particularly so for working parents. A proper breakfast can give you the energy boost you need to take the kids to school and power through a few errands before heading off to the office.

A good breakfast doesn’t need to take long to prepare. As little as 5 minutes can be all you need to prepare a healthy meal.

Try out some of these pre-planned meal ideas.

Warm multigrain cereal

Tired of having cold cereal every day? Try a warm cereal instead. Using separate ingredients works best for warm cereal. You can include fresh nuts, raisins, barley, banana, strawberries or oats. After preparing your mix, add a bit of milk and cinnamon and pop it in the microwave. The texture of this kind of cereal is usually similar to oatmeal.

Homemade bread

Baking carrot or banana bread can be done in advance. This means all you have to do in the morning is cut a slice, reheat banana breadslightly, add a bit of butter and you’re good to go! One great thing about homemade bread is that you can add a range of fruits and nuts. It can also be eaten on the way to work if you are really strapped for time.

Shakes and smoothies

Breakfast can also come in the form of a nutritious drink. Making a tasty combination of fruits and vegetables is easy: Include a sweet, sour and neutral element for great smoothies. If made correctly, you shouldn’t need to add sugar because of the natural sweetness of the fruit. However, if the fruits you buy are not quite ripe you can choose to add honey instead of sugar. Honey is packed with vitamins and can also help stop you from getting hungry before lunch.

Make your own granola bars 

Making a large batch of granola bars can be rewarding. They work well as breakfast or a healthy snack option. Start by collecting ingredients that you want to add to the mix. Oats, clusters, cranberries, apricots, almonds and raisins are all perfect to start with. Heat a mixture of honey, sugar, vanilla extract and water, and add it to the selected ingredients. Mould into bars and place in the oven at about 150°C until they are golden, or in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. The entire process usually takes about 30 minutes and is a breeze to clean up if you use wax paper on the cooking surfaces.


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