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Is your child afraid of the dark? Scared of monsters who visit at night-time? Waking up at night crying out for you? Suddenly taking forever to get ready for bed? While it is very common for young children to be afraid of the dark or to be scared of monsters, it can be hard to know the best way to help.

The Little Children Big Dreams website allows you to create a personalized printable story for your child to help conquer their fear of the dark or fear of monsters quickly and effectively. Each story has been written by a Child Psychiatrist and is based on successful therapeutic principles. Just enter a few simple details about your child to make them the star of their own fear-fighting tale!

There are two playful stories for you to choose from:

THE TALE OF THE BRAVE BOY/GIRL AND THE MONSTER has been developed for 2-5 year old children who are scared of monsters.

THE TALE OF THE BRAVE BOY/GIRL AND THE DARK SHADOWS aims to help children up to the age of 10 who are afraid of the dark.

For only $14.99, each story is accompanied by a certificate for your child and a parent guide which contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to use your child’s story to help overcome their bedtime fears. And because they’re provided as PDF documents, these great resources can be printed and used straight away!

Once you’ve printed your child’s story you will see space for your child’s illustrations on each page. When your child draws their fears for you, they let you into their world. Better still, drawing their own pictures helps to involve your child in the story and in its message of bravery which leads to quicker improvements.

With a Little Children Big Dreams story, you’ll be beating your child’s night fear together in no time!

About the author:

Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson developed the first of these personalized stories (in sleep-deprived desperation) after her young daughter had experienced months of frequent monster dreams. Fortunately (for them both), the monster story worked beautifully. In only a week Kaylene’s daughter was free of her frightening monster dreams and both mother and child were sleeping well.

This success inspired Dr Henderson to write her second story to help children who are scared of the dark – the most common night fear affecting children’s sleep.

With a mother’s knowledge that by helping children sleep better you can benefit a whole family, Dr Henderson established Little Children Big Dreams in order to make these stories readily available to other families battling bedtime fears.

More about Little Children Big Dreams:

In addition to these therapeutic stories, the Little Children Big Dreams website features Dr Kaylene Henderson’s parenting blog. Parents/carers are invited to read through past articles or to use the contact form on the website to request a future topic relating to parenting or Child Psychiatry. For more tips, advice and story giveaways, you are also welcome to join Little Children Big Dreams on Facebook.

Little Children Big Dreams – Helping More Children Fear Less

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