Finding a home close to parks, schools and the beach

Thank you to Amanda from Hillsea Real Estate for writing this great blog for Gold Coast Kids!

When you start house hunting the normal pre-requisites we throw around that a property ‘must have’ are usually the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages; is it close to work or family, are there enough living areas, is the land size big enough and the list could go on. We sometimes however overlook the recreation and social benefits from buying a property in close proximity to local parks, schools and waterways. Listed here are some of the benefits you can experience from living close to your local facilities.


For a family living near a park can be a highly beneficial experience. Having ‘the great outdoors’ within walking distance is wonderful for children and the family pet alike. It is a great place to spend time as a family after work or to take that early morning brisk walk. You will find that it is also a great place to catch up with neighbours and a safe place for the children to burn off some extra energy with friends. And the best thing is it doesn’t cost a cent to put your walking shoes on, grab the pram or bikes and walk to your neighbourhood park. It will give you endless hours of fun and memories.


When you have a young family you will inevitably spend a lot of time taking your children to and from school and participating in extra curriculum activities at the school. Living close to your children’s school can be very beneficial. If you are a ‘one car family’ there is no need to worry about getting the children to school on time via public transport. The frantic run around if you have forgotten to pack the lunch or if a book is forgotten become a thing of the past. Children also benefit from being able to develop friendships at school and at home with other Children that live in the surrounding areas of the school.

Beaches and Waterways

Living on the Gold Coast we are spoilt for choice with local beaches and waterways to enjoy. Buying a property within walking distance or even a 10 minute drive to the beach or local canals can be a real advantage. Your likely hood of enjoying these locations increases if transport time is minimised and you can simply take a spare of the moment walk/drive to throw a line into the water or catch.

As with most situations there are always disadvantages dependent upon your situation. For example living next to a park or school will be a draw card for families with young children but singles may find this to be a problem. It would be advantageous do some research on the property you are considering buying. Check out what it is like at various times of the day, especially weekends and public holidays and if possible have a chat to the neighbours to see what noise levels, traffic, parking or other potential annoyances are like to help you make the right choice for your family.


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