How Children Cope with Stress | Griffith University Survey


Griffith University is conducting a study to investigate how children cope in times of family stress. The study is seeking separated parents and their child age 9-14 year to participate in an online questionnaire. In particular we would like to hear from families that have used the Federal Magistrates Court or Family Court of Australia to obtain parenting orders.

The research provides parents and children with an opportunity to tell us about their experience of stress. The confidential information gathered in the questionnaire will be used to better understand how young people cope with stress. The information will be used to ensure young people and their families receive the correct support in times of stress in the future, particularly to better help families who have separated or been involved in the Australian court system.

We are asking young people who are 9 to 14 years old and one of their parents to participate in an online questionnaire. Children will also be asked to complete a few short questions each day for 4 days.

All children who participate will receive a thank-you gift and will go in a prize draw to win an ipod or skateboard.

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  1. Rebekah Rutherford

    I am divorced from my oldest daughter’s father and subsequently remarried and had three more children. My daughter is almost 12 and has found it all quite stressful.


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