Drawtism | Play Pictionary for Autism

Pictures do more than just say a thousand words

They also communicate a frustrating reality

Pictionary – a family favourite that brilliantly combines creativity, strategy and frustration into one loved game.

Drawtism – a heartfelt twist on the classic game that helps people understand the frustrating reality of life for people living with Autism.

This April, people around the country are being encouraged to host their own Drawtism game to help raise funds and awareness for people living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Now in its seventh year, Drawtism gives people a chance to get together, get creative and help draw people with Autism out of their isolation.

Whether a social occasion with friends at home, a friendly competition in the office boardroom or a local community event at the nearby function centre, Drawtism can be as big or small as its hosts’ desire – as long as people are drawing and in turn, helping to raise funds and awareness about ASDs.

Drawtism Ambassador and well-known clinical psychologist, Dr Tony Atwood commented: “More and more Australians are diagnosed with this lifelong developmental condition each year.”

“These people are fighting a constant battle as they know what they’re trying to say, but can’t get others around them to comprehend it. The frustration that comes with playing Pictionary helps to convey the way people living with Autism feel all day, every day – it gives you a glimpse of their reality.”

Research shows around one in 100 children are now being diagnosed with an ASD, which equals approximately 220,000 Australians who battle with communication and social interaction skills. Pictionary helps to convey their daily frustrations as players try to communicate with people around them, and can’t get them to comprehend what they’re saying. Drawtism provides a glimpse into the daily reality of living with Autism.

Sketch in support

Hosting a Drawtism game in April – or any time of the year – is easy. Simply visit the Drawtism website to register to receive a Host Resource Kit which includes all the material you’ll need to assist in promoting your event. Players can be charged a fee to play, and the stakes can be raised by issuing fines for rule breaking, incorrect guesses and time infringements.

Alpha Autism Inc (the creators of Drawtism), Autism Spectrum Australia, Autism SA and the Autism Association of WA are all working together to raise money and awareness across Australia through this fun-filled month-long event.

All money raised will help to fund services for Australians living with Autism.


Classroom Drawtism (PDF)

Drawtism Big Game (PDF)

Drawtism Birthday (PDF)

Drawtism for Kids (PDF)

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