Creative Ways To Store Toys

Kids seem to accumulate toys fairly quickly. Without a place to put them, they can easily break when stepped on or cause injury.

Storage doesn’t have to be limited to stuffing the closet or cabinets. In fact, it would be best to save those areas for larger items or clothes. What are some creative ways to store children’s toys? Below mentions a number of fun and sneaky tips that can help every kid and parent out.

Under The Bed

One of the most underrated and least utilized spaces in a kid’s room is under the bed. When you tell a child to clean his/her room, they often stuff their things in that area, leaving it occupied and underused. One of the best ways to maximize this space is by placing toys that are not used often in the far end of the bed or the middle, then place the items that are commonly used in the outer, more accessible parts of the area. This can prevent the storage space from getting messy. Flat storage bins that tuck under the bed is advisable for a cleaner space. You may also choose to label each bin according to the contents.

Go Vertical

When people think storage, they often look at the floor or cabinets. But what about the wall? Installing shelves can open up large pockets of storage for small to medium-sized toys. When setting up shelves in a kid’s room, it is best to make it accessible to children. However, not all the shelves have to be within the child’s reach.

Going vertical is not limited to shelves. You may also store bins and boxes vertically, as long as there is proper support to prevent the storage items from falling.

Nets And Hammocks

Nets are great for odd-shaped or bulky toys such as sports equipment or stuffed animals. You can also hang them using a hook behind a door or on a wall. Hammocks work the same way, but may take up more space. An advantage of using a hammock instead of a net is accessibility. Removing items from a net can be tedious. When removing toys from a hammock, all the child has to do is unfold the opening.

Storage Benches

Benches are a very functional way of storing toys. They can serve as a chair and as a storage area. This is great option for rooms that lack additional space. Kids can easily remember where they placed an item since it is always in view!

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