Community Question – National Forests

The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


Hi – we are coming down to Brisbane over the Easter long weekend and would like to explore some of the national forests in GC and surrounds bush walking picnicing etc can you suggest any good places?


  • Hinze dam or Natural arch both have nice walking and picnic areas
  • Can swim in Currumbin rock pools. BBQ area but no shops there.
  • Malaney is Bliss So is Lake Baroon Both heavenly & HUGE lots to explore
  • Def walk around burleigh headland to Tallebudgera for a swim.
  • Tamborine
  • Natural arch, binna burra orielys
  • Tamborine Mountain has it all
  • My kids love O’Reillys where they can feed the birds and do the rainforest walk…you can take a picnic or eat at the cafe.
  • Natural Arch, springbrook. Or Mnt Tamborine is just beautiful
  • my back yard when it needs mowing lol seriously binna burra lamington national park ,o’reillys.
  • Natural arch (signs say Natural Bridge) is on the way to Springbrook (easier/shorter drive via nerang rather than mudgeereaba). If you’ve got time/days, Natural Arch warrants a day and night visit. Take a torch at night – turn it off along the path and in the cave – the glow worms are spectacular!! Especially with all this rain 

    At Springbrook check out Best Of All Lookout – a 5 min walk (always cold, so take a jumper!) with great info on the Antarctic beech trees & fantastic views to NSW. Purlingbrook Falls is only a few mins drive away – nice grassy picnic spot, plus a short walk to the lookout over the falls. If you’re keen bush walkers, you can take a longer walk that goes under the falls (can’t remember the name of the track??) – it’s spectacular at the bottom and a glorious place for a picnic! But you definitely work for lunch 

    Don’t leave any valuables on display in any of the carparks – you’ll see the signs & they are unfortunately true  

    Natural Arch/Springbrook is a day trip with a few stops, short walks, a number of different lookouts and variation  

    Binna Burra & O’Reillys are also beautiful, but both are reasonably long drives to one destination. There are more/longer walks at Binna Burra than O’Reillys, but the Tree Top Walk at O’Reillys (and bird feeding) is great.

    Mt Tamborine also offers variety – the shops along Gallery Walk are great (very similar in style/feel to the main street in Montville). There’s Thunderbird Park and the Skywalk (a bit pricy?), plus bush walks and more…

    Have fun


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