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The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with great responses from the community.


I’m looking for somewhere to donate unwanted items such as baby bedding, clothes and books… I’d like it to go to people who really need it. Does anyone know anywhere on the Coast?


  • Red cross is the best then you know it will go where needed
  • Maybe contact flood recovery centres? I am sure around bundaberg etc there will be plenty in need
  • Women’s Refuges…not sure where they’re located though.
  • Prengancy and family support at Burleigh, where on the coast are you?
  • I’d say a place in bundaberg would really need it
  • Women shelters
  • Go to Assist a Sista on FB , they need all those items. They help women and children in shelters.
  • H.o.p.e on facebook
  • In fire shaper hot yoga in 117 ashmore road opposite Amart they are collecting items, this items will go to the people who need them the most
  • Good quality items can be donated to YHES House who work with disadvantaged young parents.
  • Assist-a-sista on Facebook they work with women’s refuges on the coast
  • Undies for bundy are collecting heaps of stuff for flood affected people who lost everything, they have a Facebook page
  • As someone mentioned – Assist a Sista – They are awesome and local based.
  • Tallebudgera slsc are sending a truck up to bundaberg slsc… Maybe an easy way to get it up there to those affected by the floods
  • Pay it forward sites on fb
  • Making a Difference – Brisbane are looking for these things too  we can always find somewhere to pass them ont
  • you can send it to flood affected residents on Mt Tamborine, some of these guys had no power for 1-2 weeks and some didn’t have access to food for 3-4 days  so sad some of the stories. Here is a facebook page that they have just started Mountains of Love. Julia would appreciate anything you could donate
  • What about a women’s shelter too…no doubt there’ll be women there who could really use it. There’s always more people needing help, than those we can reach-you probably don’t need to look far away at all, just remember that there are huge fund raising efforts going on (quite rightly) for flood affected cities, but there are dozens of little towns & communities who are also flood ravaged but not capable of attracting the same attention…Very generous of you, enjoy the givin
  • Definitely assist a sista as they help people in shelters
  • tiny tots happily takes donations and we donate to others when we can,would definately go to someone needy as we donate stuff regulary

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