EPIC Skate Rink Birthday Party


It comes around every year and normally for me there are weeks of planning and organising and thinking and ordering and making and arranging and stressing. This year… there was none of that!

What is it, the kid’s birthday party!

This year Mr 6 who loves scooters and skateboards and getting out and having fun was about to turn 7, so we decided to have an indoor skate party to celebrate. A quick phone call to Epic Skate Rink to check on a date and time was all that was needed to book us in for the big day.

Then it was a simple decision of package one for the food choice or package two. We went for package two which had the added hot food for the kids for only an extra $2 per head on top of package one price of $14 per head.  This included all the kids’ admission and skate hire as well. There is a minimum of 10 guests and that’s including the birthday child which is pretty standard for any children’s party venue.

They also provided invitations that you can send out to your guests as well.

All that was left for me to do was bring the birthday boy, his socks and the cake along.

When we arrived, there was a sign out the front announcing all the birthday children that had a party booked that morning.  This was a great surprise for Mr now 7 to see his name on a big sign for all to see.  All party guests enter straight into the party themed end of the building where they are given a wrist band, a free pass to come back and then escorted to their table. Once everyone was settled in the kids all headed up to the skate desk to collect their skates. (Rollerblades are also available)

The party table was decorated with a helium balloon tied to lolly bags for each party guest.  Throughout the party the staff were regularly checking to see if drinks or food needed to be topped up.

The kids all had a blast and enjoyed playing in the games that the rink put on during the session for everyone. There were lots of laughs had from the parents who also had a go on the rink. (Free entry is offered to all parents and siblings of party guests and just their skate hire to pay if needed)

Just before cake time all the birthday children and their guests are all called out to the centre of the rink where a big “Happy Birthday” is sung to them all. The birthday children all stood up while their guests sat and sang. This was special for the birthday children. It was a nice touch although it would have been a lot better if each party was sat in their own little group in the centre so we could have got a picture of our own party guests together, rather than the three parties all mixed up together.

All in all Mr now 7 had a great birthday party. He was with all his friends and doing something fun and exciting and all I had to do was make a phone call and bake a cake! No stress involved what so ever!!

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  1. Miller

    Every Epic Birthday kid and their guests receives a gift bag, Helium Balloon and a FREE pass to come skate at Epic Skate. Epic Birthday boy/girl gets their own announcement and Birthday song on the skating rink.


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