This Christmas we have decided to dedicate our advent calendar to a little family fun each day. With this in mind I created a simple, printable advent calendar with a family activity for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day.

The great thing about this calendar is its flexibility to use in many ways to suit your family. I have also created blank discs to customise the calendar for your family.

I am planning to attach each day to a peg and place around the lamp in our living room. This is the perfect spot for the whole family to see and easy enough for my children to operate.


Each morning of December we will flip the corresponding number to reveal the family activity. You can use the ones I have created or print the blank discs and write your own to suit your families lifestyle and likes.


You can also use this as a traditional advent calendar by adding chocolates to the back of the peg.


Download your free printable advent calendar PDF
This file is my intellectual property, please feel free to share with credit back to

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