Walk Safely to School Day

Primary School children and their parents are encouraged to walk or take public transport to school this Friday for Walk Safe to School Day.

A yearly event, Walk Safe to School Day aims to strengthen our children’s understanding of safe pedestrian behaviour and promote the health benefits of walking.

Other goals are to:

  • Ensure children under 10 years old hold an adult’s hand when crossing road
  • Help children learn the skills they need to stay safe when they get older
  • Reduce the reliance on cars, a habit that is harder to change when closer to adulthood
  • Encourage public transport usage
  • Help reduce air pollution
  • Help reduce vehicle traffic on our roads

Teaching your children

If you’re worried about how to teach your children the best rules for when they’re out and about, it might be worth reading the materials created by the Queensland Government and the NSW Government.

While a lot of the content might seem obvious, these resources can help to remind us and reinforce the importance of safety for children around vehicles.

Find out more about Walk Safely to School Day.

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